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Blind Squirrel is located on the east side of Louisville with easy access from the Gene Snyder Highway (Hwy 265).

South 265 from Highway 71 - Take Highway 265 South from 71. Go about 5 miles, and get off the Old Henry exit (exit 29) going southbound on Highway 265, just a few miles past the Ford Truck Plant. Turn right on Old Henry, and go straight. Old Henry turns into N. English Station Road, and Blind Squirrel will be on your right hand side across from Aiken Road. You can't miss it!

North 265 from Highway 64 - Take Highway 265 North from 64. Go about one mile, and get off the Shelbyville Road exit going northbound on Highway 265. Turn left on Shelbyville Road, and get into the right hand lane. Turn right at the first light onto N. English Station Road. You will drive past Walmart on the left hand side. Blind Squirrel is about 1/2 mile past Walmart on the left hand side. You can't miss it.

Exterior of the Blind Squirrel

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Management Team

Director of Operations: Eric Hillard@

General Manager: Rob Young @

Asst. General Manager: Michael Columbus@

Executive Chef: Justin Wells@

Hospitality Manager: Vicky Stengel@

Event Coordinator: Tina Whelan@

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